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“Iridium” is the first single out from Noruma’s debut EP, “In/Gradient”.


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In/Gradient is a path through magnetic trails that turn into feelings, shapes that become colors, sometimes blurred or distinctly sharp.
The composition of this ep is the result of a solid sound search, composed of years of listening and experimentation.
The launch of the first single, Iridium, to be released on 16 September on all digital platforms.
The first EP titled In/Gradient, is composed of 4 tracks: Iridium, Teal, Cobalt and Emerald, it will be released soon, and printed in CD version.
The drums were recorded in Naples, while the guitars and bass were recorded in the Paris band’s studio.
The EP is mixed and mastered by the talented friend Francesco Giuliano, entirely self-produced.
Is a magnificent spiritual journey that crosses pure feelings, sound mazes and blurred atmospheres, where hidden voices whisper something suddenly, and the calm is interrupted by the noise.




Noruma is a post-rock instrumental trio born in 2021 in Paris, which expands its dimension from cinematic post-rock to contemporary, with melancholic atmospheres guided by electronic music and synthesizers.
The project was born from an idea of Arnaldo and Andrea, who in the summer of 2021 founded Noruma, deciding to combine their musical experiences, and to travel this way together.
The band is joined by Angelo, bassist and friend, and this is how he immediately begins the composition of various songs, which start from a common point, the passion for post rock.
Our music is the result of many years of sound research through various styles, from rock to experimental electronics.
All three of us come from different musical styles, and that’s why we decided to join forces in one project.
Noruma was born from a genuine desire to create a well-defined path, a soundtrack that goes from electronics to noise, that will make you travel with your mind to unknown territories.
The concerts are accompanied by a distorted and immersive visual performance that allows the viewer to enter into the music.
The reverberations and syncopated rhythms of bass and drums alternate with violent guitar walls that separate reality from imagination.
A real trip where music breaks down the barriers of fiction in a realistic way and makes you live immense emotions.


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