Radioestensioni Christmas Edition 2019: la playlist ufficiale di Radioaktiv, gentilmente offerta dagli Human Pyramids!.

Radioestensioni è il format dedicato alle proposte musicali che scegliamo di raccontare ogni mese, capace di accompagnare gli ascoltatori in un viaggio musicale perenne, alla ricerca di nuove sonorità per saziare la nostra fame di musica. Una playlist da ascoltare in macchina, mentre vai al lavoro, in un tranquillo pomeriggio oppure comodamente a casa.

Ecco la nostra playlist di Natale, offerta dagli Human Pyramids!



Ecco i commenti dei membri della band relativi ad ogni brano:

“Carol of the Bells” Mykola Leontovych

Because I’m obsessed with Home Alone at Christmas  (Alison D’Souza – Viola)

“Christmas Wrapping” The Waitresses

I like both the brass parts and the sentiment. (Thom Allard – French Horn)

“The Christmas Song” Nat King Cole

Aside from Nat King Cole’s stunning vocals and the incredible chord changes which, to date, I haven’t got my head around (not through lack of effort I might add).

It’s so nostalgic – Instantly takes me back to my childhood, putting up the Christmas tree with my Dad and the feeling that there is something magic in the time of year.

As we get older and the stresses and strains of adult life become more overbearing, it’s easy to forget that simple feeling – but this song takes me there every time. (Tom Brogan – Saxophone)

“All I Want for Christmas is You” Mariah Carey

It’s really my wife’s favourite (Stacey, who plays bass on the live HP shows). She wanted it at our wedding, which was in January 2016. I told her that I had vetoed it as it was after Christmas, but secretly asked a friend to include the intro in the medley I’d asked him to write for the service. Now it’s my favourite Christmas song too! (Amelia Conway-Jones – Violin)

“Family Life” The Blue Nile

Although its a kinda pensive…Makes me feel festive  (Gordon Clarke – Trumpet)

“Sleigh Ride” The Ronettes

because I’ve always dreamed of taking a Sleigh Ride in Lapland and going on a magical fairy tale adventure (Susanne Bell – Accordian)

“Merry Christmas Everybody” Slade

Why? It’s a silly glam rock song but sounds fantastic when everyone is drunk and singing that classic chorus! “It’s Christmas ……” go for it Noddy  (Nick Etheridge – Cimbasso & Tuba)

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Judy Garland

a killer tune with some really lush progressions / chord changes. Fun to play along with too if you fancy getting your jazz on! (Luke Godwin – Guitar)

“Jingle Bell Rock” Bobby Helms

The guitar and back vocals are perfect! (Caroline Lyons – Vocals)

“The Happiest Christmas Tree” Nat King Cole

Old school classics for warm fuzzy Christmas  (Rory Clark – Sousaphone & Percussion)

“Last Christmas” Wham

Because not only is it one of the catchiest sing-a-long songs ever written, it was one of the first Christmas songs (that I heard) that had serious lyrics that had a meaning and wasn’t just fake Christmas joy. (Al Gunby – Drums)

“Jingle Bells” Frank Sinatra

Sinatra turned the most annoying naff song Christmas song into a total classic. Amazing harmonies and arrangement -What a legend (Susan Appelbe – Cello)

“Fairytale of New York” The Pogues

One of my favourite songs of all time.  So romantic and flawed and beautiful.  Whenever I hear it I just stop what I am doing and listen.  The perfect Christmas song. (Paul Russell – Guitar & Tuned Percussion)

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